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I was born in rural Georgia, in a small town a little over an hour away from Atlanta. It was a tight knit community where everyone knew everyone, and nobody lived more than a fifteen minute drive away. I had a small group of friends in the town, but we all shared a passion for exploration and all things creative. We spent the vast majority of our childhood exploring the woods and rolling fields that surrounded our hometown. It was this type of open-air lifestyle that instilled in us a sense of adventure, one which I carry with me to this day.

When I turned eleven, my family decided to move from the quiet farming town where I had resided all my life to the hectic, hustle and bustle of northern Virginia. Initially, this was quite a change for me, but in retrospect it proved to be one of the most important changes of my life. It was in Virginia that I was given my first camera and immediately fell in love with photography. I spent most of my teenage years exploring the wilderness of northern Virginia, camera in hand. During this time I didn’t produce many notable, or even useable images; however,I did become familiar with the technical side of photography. A lack of interesting subject matter forced me to focus instead on honing my skills in regards to the camera’s operation.

My final and most recent move occurred when I was fourteen, my father found an incredible job in the sunshine state, and with nothing holding us back, we said our goodbyes to Virginia. Florida proved to be the perfect place for my family and I, and I now operate out of the greater Orlando area. The move to Florida ultimately proved to be  quite beneficial to my photography. Within a year of moving to the area, I was working not only for my high school as their photographer-in-chief, but also for a local news publication.

Nowadays, I primarily focus on my freelance work, my favorite subject to shoot being portraits. On an average day, you can catch me roaming around the city with my camera in hand, and a bag full of lenses. I particularly enjoy candid photography, and often times you can find me in Orlando’s Mills 50 District snapping away. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m usually digging for records, in the kitchen cooking, or hanging out with beautiful wife and all of our pets!